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Leadership Council Affirms Commitment to UMC

Since January of 2020, Aldersgate has been working hard to discover and implement God’s plan for our church. Our vision statement has helped us focus on what is truly important about being God’s church in S. Huntsville: Aldersgate will focus on relational paths of discipleship that build and enrich a multi-generational church.

We’ve experienced great excitement and momentum since hiring new staff members last year and reinvigorating programs made dormant through the COVID quarantine. This year, we’ve welcomed 15 new members of all ages. We’ve seen new families become a part of our worshipping community. We see no reason to stop that momentum.

To that end, in our September 20th meeting, the Leadership Council of Aldersgate UMC unanimously approved the following motion:

The Aldersgate United Methodist Church Leadership Council reaffirms our commitment to the United Methodist Church and declines to enter a formal discernment process to consider disaffiliation from the denomination. We will continue to address future issues with the same openness, transparency and trust that we have embraced in making this decision. 


As always, your staff and leaders are willing to answer any questions you have. 

Leadership Council (present and voting):

Deb Callins

Sharon Klar

Todd Kirk

Tom Bruce

Kim Burson

Matt McCollum

Cliff Whitmore

John Garrison

Cathy Saik

Mike Albritton

Scott Jeziorski

Betsy Keller

Dee James


Staff present (non-voting):

Revs. Belinda and Earl Freeman

Rev. Tim Tatum

Lydia Locke

Brittney Saffell

Mike James

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