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How you can Financially support Aldersgate


Beneath GIVE ONLINE, select “CLICK TO GIVE” or go to This will take you to an external page just for contributions.

  1. “Choose a Fund” provides you with multiple options to designate your gift: 

    1. General Fund: Supports the budget, ministries, and the general operations of the church

    2. Mission of the Month: Supports a different mission each month, some church related others community related

    3. Pastors’ Discretionary: Supports non-budgeted items, special needs, and miscellaneous needs

    4. *Please do not select Playground or Other

  2. Enter $ Amount

  3. If you would like to give to more than one account, select “Add Donation” and select the fund 

*To “Make this gift recurring,” you must create an account, and you will be taken to a separate page to do so

  1. Select “Credit Card” or “Bank Account” and provide the necessary information

  2. If you know your envelope number, please provide it. Otherwise, please include your first and last name or the person in whose name you are contributing

  3. Double check the Total before clicking “Submit” 





If Paypal link doesn't work, send to


We take financial transparency seriously. If you would like a copy of the current Treasurer's Report, click HERE to send a message to the finance manager. Let us know if you want a paper copy mailed to you or a digital copy via email.

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