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our vision

"In the next three years Aldersgate United Methodist Church will focus on relational paths of discipleship that build and enrich a multigenerational church."

Three years from now, our church will be known as a place to find meaningful community and belonging. We will have multiple pathways toward becoming like Jesus that are rooted in relationships with options for every person no matter how advanced or basic. We see every person in the church connected to at least one group that meets consistently and joins personal and group growth through daily devotion, weekly worship, and monthly acts of service.

We see those who are further advanced along the path of discipleship taking the hands of others and leading them forward. These relationships will grow groups that fill in the missing demographics in our church and build up the body of Christ. The body is enriched by this fullness and depth as people from all generations are equally represented in all facets of the church creating more and more groups that encourage people toward the fullness of discipleship.

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