food donations

If you would like to contribute food, below is an updated list of food needed. You can sponsor a box/bags of food for $25. The group choose foods that you could stretch and no empty calories.


The church will be open from 6-6:30pm Sunday night to receive food & 8:30am-1pm on Monday. If you need a different drop off time, please contact a staff member.

You can give a monetary gift for buying groceries, if you prefer.

Updated List of foods:

peanut butter 18 oz.


spaghetti sauce 24 oz

spaghetti noodles

mac & cheese 7.5 box mix

canned tuna 12 oz.

canned chicken 12.5 oz.

tuna helper

chicken helper

dried black beans

rice 32 oz.

box of cereal

canned fruit

canned vegetables



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12901 Bailey Cove Rd 

Huntsville, AL 35803

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